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Customerís Complaint Management Procedure


In order to make the good intentions of the company apparent, Customers are encouraged to voice their dissatisfaction, by inserting in all transaction media; FICM's complaints telephone lines which are open 24 hours a day.


All customersí complaints, which must be in writing, are to be addressed to Complaints Processing Unit in Compliance Department, FICM Ltd., Head Office for resolution.


Each complaint is logged and time-stamped immediately on receipt by the relevant officer. All complaints are sorted and categorized appropriately for resolution.


Relevant Officer acknowledges receipt of the complaint in writing through the same medium in which the complaint was received. Complaint Unit Head talks to the customer, by phone or in person (if possible) within 24hours of receipt to inform him/her that his/her complaint is being investigated and that he/she will get a feedback within a stipulated time.


The Unit Head assigns each complaint to an officer who must resolve it within 24 hours of receipt. Any such complaint not resolved within the stipulated time must be referred to Head of Compliance Department who must get the complaint resolved within 24 hours from the moment he is made aware of it.


Any complaint not resolved within 48 hours of receipt must be referred to the Managing Director for urgent resolution.


There must be a weekly report of complaint data to top management for review.


Complaint data should be used to analyse complaint trends and develop corrective measures for complaint prevention Render a monthly report to management to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the complaint management system and enable appropriate review of same.


When a complaint has been resolved, follow up with the customer to find out if he/she is satisfied with the resolution.